LEC Summer Split Playoffs 2021
Return from MSI, competing against other regions. Bring legion to the European league as the only EU team to reach playoffs. Now looking to be back to back champions of LEC.
Some creativities in preparation for league finals.
Already building a visual narrative for worlds, which we already classified for, to match the future graphics line..
​​​​​​​Borders - Richard Gans
Worlds 2021 Jersey
Taking inspiration from popular jersey designs of the time and giving it a Spanish spin to the design, using mosaic patterns from Andalucía, Spain. Swapping the color hierarchy  and making a best seller. 

· ‘De Madrid al Cielo,’ the motto of Madrid on the upper back, accompanied by stars from the Madrid flag
- Spanish flag from the Spanish national football team jersey on the cuff
- Tile design inspired by traditional southern European architecture as the jersey base
- Colors from the European flag with gold to reflect the ‘Kings of Europe’ and dark blue to reflect the Mediterranean Sea at night
- Digitalized font from Joaquín Ibarra, a Spanish printer from the 18th Century
Worlds 2021 Jersey
Reveal Short film
An original idea by Sergio Miña y Álvaro Luzón. 
Dirección: Sergio Miña @sergiommf_ Actores: ILL PEKEÑO @pekeorc ERGO PRO @ergopro_ ELISA LORCA @kloekid_ Prod. Ejecutiva: Álvaro Luzón @alvaroluzon DOP: Luis Moranta @luismorant Edición: David Pazos @stepz97 Etalonaje: Luis Moranta @luismorant Ay.Cámara: Alvaro Troconiz @alvarrof_ Aux. Camara: David Pazos Diseño de camiseta: Jorge López @4rcane Diseño y grafismo: Jorge López @4rcane Gaffer: Daniel Zamarreño @danizama18 Eléctrico: Borja Arribas @borjaarribasmar Maquillaje: Belén Pouso @belenpouso Texto inspirado el Poema - Somos Mujeres- en de Elvira Sastre
Resolution to the buildup
Now that we were two time European champions, I started to develop the visual narrative for next season, being Worlds the settling ground for what it was to come.  Like heroes immortalized in statues, this was a perfect moment to incorporate rock as a visual asset, together with all Spanish cultural and artistic references used prior to this moment.
After all the buildup to the release of jersey, it was a good time to switch back to the main color hierarchy of the brand, where white is the main color followed by gold and blue. Only this time finding a coherent way to be in line with the narrative and giving our kit a place to shine.

League of Legends
Legacy of a typography
When I began to develop the style for the MSI, I came across a typeface under the name of “Latina Moderna.” It was initially created by the Richard Gans type foundry in Madrid and was released in their type catalogue by the end of the 19th century.
After much research, I was able to locate a digitalised version of the type which had come close to the original. Having found similarities between the two,  I wondered what kind of story lay behind the typeface. Therefore I mailed the designer. I asked where he had got his inspiration from, and to much surprise, he had purchased the Latina Moderna typeface from eBay in a wooden format and digitalised it himself. 
Here is a link to an image of the mail he sent me:  Here.
I believe that by having a unique typeface a team can truly stand out from the crowd, and is, therefore, a crucial step to reinforcing the branding of a team. Having reinforced my references with both “Latina Moderna” and Ruben’s digitalised version, I then put together “MAD Moderna.” A digitalised version of Richard Gan’s typeface, modified and updated. This contained a full Latin and numeric alphabet, two weights as well as accent glyphs. 

MAD Lions main font timeline
2022 Jersey
I After a year of competitive victories we felt the need to immortalize our players, just like heroes in marble statues.
This was our main inspiration to make the new jersey. This concept was better developed on video by Sergio Miña and Álvaro Luzón.
2022 Jersey
Reveal Short film

Video Animation and 3D Environment - Pol De Haro
Jersey Model and Texturing -  Diego Von Trier
Valorant graphics 2022
Some creativities for France's Valorant Regional League.